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18 December 2012


Mel Nunn

Bravo Suz.... I just don't get the Gun culture in America. Even if they started with reforming the semi automatics, we might see less parents mourning their babies.


Hi Suz well said, I cannot stop thinking about how terrified those babies would have been in their last moments, it breaks my heart. I don't usually comment on blogs but I cannot help myself this is just so very sad, every Christmas a time of celebration and joy will for those families always be associated with such heart wrenching sorrow. Come on America PLEASE change the constitution and ban these horrific weapons. What does an ordinary person need such high powered killing machines for ? Learn from other countries who have gun laws. Have the grace and humility you should have to admit you are wrong. Who knows maybe it will save more children's lives. Bless those babies precious hearts, the world will never forget this one America.

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