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25 December 2011



Nawww. Love the photos Suz. Especially 2004, I think. That one's my favourite. Little cherubs ;).

I do so love reading your words here. You have such a way of reflecting on the little things. And your writing's beautiful, do you know that? It's the same with your scrapbook pages.

Merry Christmas to you all. xxx


Love seeing all those pics Suz.
Where has all that time gone?
Trying to remember when we first 'met'
from the pics of the kids I am guessing 2003/2004?

can't wait to catch up in the New Year.
Caz xx

Kelly Rodgers

Oh so sweet. How fast do they grow!
Hope you had a very Merry Christmas Suz xxx

Chris M

Love seeing the kids grow up in these photos Suz! And I remember seeing one or two of these over the years! Hope you all had a top Christmas xo

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