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24 September 2011


Kelly Rodgers

Oh - I want some of those candles. Awesome!
Happy Belated Birthday Alex xxx


Ahahaha! You did an awesome job with that cake! Your post made me laugh, because I bought some of those trick candles unwittingly a couple of years ago. For Jamie's third birthday I think. None of us knew that they didn't blow out. And that little guy kept blowing and blowing and blowing. Cruel! I posted a video of it on my blog I think. And you can hear me laughing in the background when I realise what's happened...
I'm glad that Alex had a great time.

Louise Williams

fabulous cake and love the candles. We did that one year and almost burnt the place down too, they get quite a flame and you don't wanna get an updraft!! lol

Petrina McDonald

hilarious!!! and I now vow to make sure my kids never see that cake or those cupcakes because they would seriously want theirs to have it showing "the finger" (because showing a bum would be rude, wouldn't it?)

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