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24 January 2011



WOW Suz!!! What a beautiful party... Harmony would love it - is 5 year old too young to do this??? I LOVE all the ideas.... and I can not BELIEVE Phoebe is 8!!! Such a gorgeous girl XOXO Charmane

Louise Williams

gorgeous!! sooooo wish I had a girl just so I could do all that girly stuff i miss out on with having 2 boys!! (and no, I'm done in that department)... lol

Veronica Weissflog

8? 8? 8? NO WAY - how did that happen???? I am feeling really old now but what a wonderful way to spend an eighth birthday. This is the age group I am teaching this year so I am still in shock that she is ...... 8!!!!!!!!!!
Veronica xoxo

Kelly Rodgers

Looks like she had a great time. Happy Birthday Phoebe xxx

Nicole Smith

Naaaw we had the best time! It was a seriously cool and smooth running party considering there were seven gorgeous girls and a fair whack of sugar involved!

Thanks for having us and you're most welcome in the help department.

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