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28 July 2010


Nicole Smith

Naaaw look at that smiley face!! She is a natural...

jenni h

Love the way you captured Alex in that black and white and absolutely love Phoebe's smile - it says it all !!! well done you - forget stressing about "struggling" with those other issues, you always get to them in the end.... sit back and be proud that you hit the mark right on time with those kids of yours (those photo's are the best proof ever) that's your priority and it shows !!!! :)))))


Glad to here some feed back on Karen's class. I have put myself on the waiting list for the next audit class but now I'm not really sure. I am fine with the whole exposure triangle but was hoping to get more info on lighting, posing and the more creative aspect and a bit more info on ps. Do you think it is worthwhile to do or would it be better to look at a more intermediate course somewhere?

Pearl Maple

fun pages full of zest and happy smiles

Hypnotherapy London

Love your scrap books.

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