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25 June 2008



Oh Suz this tooth fairy feels the pain lol.

Even though my kids are older now, Jake lost a molar 5 days ago... you just reminded me I haven't come through yet. My kids know the tooth fairy can be busy and sometimes it takes a few days to get to the older kids!!(good excuse to keep up your sleeve for when they get older and you start forgetting your role in it all - I've done that a few too many times now lol!!)

Although I'm totally aware that he's just milking the tooth fairy now. He knows but he still plays along enough for me to think, well crap maybe he doesn't know!!

Take care, and I hope your all good :)

Ann Lederhose

We are yet to have a tooth fairy experience here however I'm already panicking that the blasted fairy might forget! LOL

Petrina McDonald

oh my, I think the tooth fairy might need some sort of therapy after all that??? Or at least a calming beverage when she is next called upon?
Mother's Day type concerts are usually emotion charged - but you are going to have to give me a bigger version so I can see what that song is please.

Jennifer C

Loved reading that. All of these stories are so precious. I cannot believe she's lost a tooth. That probably means Aria will not be far behind....she turns 5 next month. And she got her first tooth at 14 weeks old...so surely some must be old by now! Love your layout....is it too nosey to ask you to reveal the text of both your journalling and the song? I cannot read it and would love to....


We havent lost any teeth yet, but i just wanted to tell you your page is wonderful. I recon you could add that page to one of your christmas pages for book, it just got that lovely feel about it.


Pheobe is definatly a clever little girl what a great story glad I am now known as the glitter queen can't wait to see the LO you do on it if you need glitter feel free to call again.


what a smart cookie you've got on your hands!
but thank goodness you found that tooth! whew!!

& gorgeous...GORGEOUS l/o...i love that line of pearls...stunning

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