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28 January 2008


Jennifer C

oh Suz....how divine. I see Pheobe is in to that "layering" stage - got to love their logic huh? SO many clothes, so much to love and twirl in, so much pink....wear many items at once! That pic of her with the balloon in the background, and the one with the yummy pink wall are simply delicious. You know I wrote a post just the other day about needing a degree in opening toy packaging! Happy birthday Pheobe!


Hey there Suz glad we were abe to help Pheobe celebrate her birthday, your cakes were yummy.

I bet she loved having so many parties.
Take care

Alison Shearer

Such beautiful photos Suz - I love the tools at the ready shot! and Phoebe is so beautiful. Did you bake those cakes?? You are a legend - ours usually come from The Cheesecake Shop!


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