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13 July 2006



I just love Phoebe's new room I bet she doe's feel like a little princess.



Hey Suz,

think I'll ring tomorrow and have a chat to Alex. What he REALLY needs is a HULK room. that bright green will go so nicely with the hot pink.

better take the phone off the hook now... lol


Steph Caskey Devlin

OMG that pink is the same colour as my Scrap Room....I just LOVE it...thank God someone is not scared of high chroma colours in the house....I think you could be my COLOUR kindred spirit....lol. Those photos of little Phoebe are priceless...she looks like she is in heaven....
Steph xx

Kelly Rodgers

Hey Suz-
I am so not going to let Caitlin see those pictures.....she'll want the same straight away! We have a bit of a pink fetish going on in this house at the moment. Even my nails are pink.
Great job. It looks gorgeous.
Love Kel XXX

Mel Goodsell

Divine Suz, loove the pink - nothing better than a funky and bright feature wall.


I like it. I really do. My girls have hot pink on EVERY wall. We're thinking of selling our house...does that mean I need to 'tone it down'? lol! Why can't everyone be as open-minded about colour as us scrapbookers?! :)

Julie LOVE

WOWEEE Suz!!! that pink is totally fabo!!! you guys have done a wonderful job


Mel in NZ

That pink is fabulous - I wish I was a kid again and could have that colour in my bedroom (but I'm a growed-up!)


Love the pink wall ... and so love that you painted it together. :)

Jennifer C

That is absolutely divine. What is the name of that colour pink? My ensuite is similar -Porter's PRISCILLA - perfect way to keep the boys in my house from leaving their...ummm...mark on my toilet. They cannot bare to go in there! YOu have done a lovely job.


Hi, I just stumbled upon your blog while blog surfing (as you do). didn't want to leave without leaving a note to say 'hi'. Loving that paint colour, I know a little girl in my house would be very jealous if she saw that! You're very brave letting her help btw.


Hey Suz!

Gorgeous colour, any girls, young or old dream!!! Great photo's I'm sure we'll see ona page sometime soon!!

Back to what Caz said about Hulk. I've got some old hulk stuff of Jakes, quite happy to bundle them up and post them over for you. rofl. Let me know, can express post them if you like!!! OK, I'm ducking with Caz now. rofl


Alison Shearer

That's a great colour pink Suz. My daughter also has a hot pink wall in her bedroom - but now she wants to change it to purple!!! Maybe soon - if I can work up the enthusiasm for purple.


PS You pictures are wonderful as always. The hand mirror picture is a work of art.

Katja Schneider

I must make sure my daughter will not see this beautiful pink room otherwise I will have to get the paintbrush out next week for sure :))

ngaire Bartlam

LOVE the pink baby!!!
and you are a darling!@!!!!!!!
for the sweeties about me.:)



a beautiful series of photos; the shocking colors of yellow and pink next to each with a sweet child; wonderful

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