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18 February 2006



well hey- it is soo much tidier than mine- even on a good day :) yah for you- I lvoe all the white btw!

Alison Shearer

My house looks like this most of the time. All the white makes your hosue look so loght and bright anyway! Hope you're feeling better now.


Mel Goodsell

okay, charging my camera batteries RIGHT now as I type, stay tuned for my house pics! LOL

Donna Wild

Frankly, I'm disappointed in you Suz! Does your mother read your blog?! lol!

Hope you're feeling better, chicky! And you just leave that house how it is until you are feeling 100% better. Housework schmousework! :)

Sara Pearcy

Hi Suz, I've just stumbled upon your blog (via Mel Goodsell's) and have to say I love your photos and layouts. Hope you don't mind me camping out here a bit!!

xx Sara.


Your house looks so lovely and light-filled, Suz! And a bit of mess never hurt anyone. Just makes it look like a home. Housework is the last thing you should be worrying about when you've been sick. Hope you're feeling better.


Hey Suz, that's my house on a good day, and I have no excuses for it either. Just plain old lazy. lol

Sorry to hear you haven't been feeling well.

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