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09 February 2006


Mel Goodsell

Mmm love your Tarisota stuff this month, very lush and yum. LOL about the ballet purchases, photos will be gorgeous! Bella desperately wants to do Ballet too, but I've been a naughty Mum and haven't taken her along yet :O(


Hey Suz! Glad to see you around again. I bet phoebe is GORGEOUS in her ballet stuff!


Can't wait to see the pages of Phoebe in her ballet gear. Ya know, I used to teach tap dancing to little kids? Great fun!
Good on you for going and getting help. Yes, its hard. But no matter the outcome it will be worth it - because you'll know that you have given it your everything. Good luck.


Hey Gorgeous glad to see you around again, have missed you. Looking forward to seeing those piccies of gorgeous Miss Phoebe in her ballet outfit, she will be just too cute!!!
Take Care and I am thinking of you (((((HUGGLES)))))

Trac x

Donna Wild

You're amazing, Suz! Your Tarisota pics and lo's are to die for and once again you somehow manage to put everything into perspective. How do you do that!? lol!

Good to be reading your words again...always makes me feel, well, ummm....better!

Kim Archer

Hi Suz!
Glad to have you back blogging. I'm also glad that things have settled a little for you at home and you are both moving forward together.
Your tarisota stuff is ALWAYS gorgeous! Thank you for such incredibly generous words! You made my day:)

Kathy Pitt

Nice to see you back Suz! I Just love that Evidence of you LO, what a clever idea! Your other LOs are just as wonderful too, but that one struck me :D

Alison Shearer

It's great to have you back here. I hope you can move forward and be happy together.Your work - scrapping and photography is always gorgeous. Evidence of You is my personal fave.


Unce David

Back home in London now and have just caught up with your blog. As usual it results in a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes. I'm so proud of you. Our thoughts are with you frequently and we're here whenever you need us. lol D,S & Z.


I just drooled over these on the site....beautiful work Suz!!!

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